Plan Room

We have moved our plan room, bidding process,  and project management platform to Procore. If you have been invited to bid on a project, or if you are partnered with us on a project you will receive an email from Procore.

Please feel free to review our standard Midstate Construction subcontract. For more information please contact us.

Midstate Construction Maintains a large list of subcontractors to insure competitive pricing and quality products are delivered to our clients. If you would like to be added to our current subcontractor directory as a potential bidder, please submit your request below. You may also call our main office and request to speak with the bid room.

If there have been changes in your organization or you are no longer receiving bid notifications, please email us to have your information updated.

Subcontractor Bid List Application

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Please enter up to three contacts to be added to the bid list. If you require more than 3 contacts please contact us by calling 707-762-3200 and request to speak with the bid room.

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