Land Rover Centre

Land Rover Centre, Marin – ┬áMidstate Construction completed an addition and remodel to create a new 12,400 square foot auto dealership in San Rafael for Land Rover. The challenge in the construction of this project was highlighted by the need to build the new structure and addition around the 4,000 square foot existing brick structure. Due to potential soil settlement issues, the 8,400 square foot addition was placed on nearly three feet of special lightweight cellular fill. This addition contains a ten bay service department, as well as Land Rover’s trademark cabin-like showroom. The showroom makes use of exposed beam trusses, tongue and groove decking, a ceramic tile compass rose, which accents the sales floor, and extensive wood cabinetry and millwork. The remodeled portion of the facility houses the parts storage and the general office areas. The Land Rover facility was build as a portion of the ShamrockRetain Center that also includes the nearby Staples and Comp/USA stores. The retail center was once the site of the old Shamrock Concrete Plant, which served the Marin County area for many years.